Guide To Finding The Best Rated Credit Cards In 2014

2014 Best Rated Credit Cards

A Guide to finding the top credit cards ranked in 2014

Things have certainly changed in the last 10 years. Today, instead of begging for a credit card, people seem to be steering clear of them, and for good reason. It’s just too easy to get into financial trouble. However, this doesn’t mean credit cards are necessarily a bad thing. They aren’t. To the contrary, most financial experts suggest you always have credit options, but that you manage them carefully.

top 2014 credit cards
Credit cards are actually the most useful financial tool in your wallet. They provide travel insurance, emergency funds, cash back options; identity theft protection and some even offer many other types of rewards. So the key lies in finding a credit card that offers lots of benefits, and that takes a little more work than simply choosing the first card that comes your way. The following is a guide to help you find the top credit cards ranked for 2014.

1-Check your Credit Report

We can’t stress enough the need to review your credit report at least once a year. By looking at your credit report you’ll see what credit cards are available and you can get a free report once a year from most of the credit bureaus or from

2-Think About Your Needs

Ask yourself about your needs. What would you like in a credit card? Do you want a low interest credit card, one that offers rewards, cash back or other benefits? In some cases, you may even want to take advantage of 0 percent interest rates as a new client. Just be sure you find out what the rate goes up to later, and when that rate increases. You’ll also want to find out about balance transfer fees. In some cases, you can find a no-fee card with special rewards; however, this will mean you need to pay off your balance in full each month.
Heavy credit card users that maintain somewhat of a balance may want a card with an annual fee but lower interest rates or higher rewards. In this case you may want a card that offers a lot of rewards and luxury benefits like hotel discounts, access to special museum openings and more.

3-How to Find the Right Card

Because your needs are different, the card that’s right for you may not be so for someone else. You’ll need to do your research and cut through the hype. You’ll need to narrow the advertisement hype down and really review offers to compare real dollar value. Credit card review sites are often helpful in getting this information for you.

4-Use the Internet

Although searching for the right credit card can be time consuming, it is a simpler process now that the Internet is available. You can utilize numerous resources, including debt calculators, category options and reviews made by other users. This allows you to quickly review card options and find one that best fits your shopping needs.

Bottom Line

Getting the best card for 2014 is about shopping around for a good credit card. You may not qualify for all of them, but you can certainly find a card that offers you better terms than any advertisement brochure you receive in the mail. Don’t sign up for any credit card offer you receive. Instead, carefully choose a card that works with your budget and shopping needs.

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